“Inside of Me”

Sung by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul
Step 1: Purpose #209

“Locals we love” jump up from inside the Santa Fean Magazine, April/May 2015, as I unpack my bags. This People Issue identifies artists and entertainers that exemplify this art center and they appreciate every ounce of glossy attention they get. The magazine is a work of art in and of itself. It is a colorful example of people who enjoy creative lifestyles. Despite their challenges, they are not only comfortable with but enthusiastic about what is the purpose inside them. As I continue to unpack, a similar book surfaces from inside my office supply box, “Hero” by Rhonda Byrne, taps into the secret power of “what you really want or life purpose.”

Hero is filled with a collection of inspirational people and the wisdom that lead them confidently forward to their inner glory, against seemingly impossible odds. It is a quick read that follows a three step process for motivating your (1) mind, (2) heart, and (3) behavior toward personal victory. These three tools are an “inside job,” enhanced by but not dependent on location, education, influential contacts, or start-up money. Back in my quiet Ozark studio, where the frog’s chirps are consistently noticeable, the same process is evident in “locals we love” here; only the regional focus and pride features the patriotic. I am thinking, “no matter how things change, the more they stay the same.” We humans tend to land wherever we have an edge, but can be distracted and/or even resistant to our personal purpose inside. And going a yet another distracted step deeper, more interested in detecting what is going on inside others.

One day you realize that there are some people you'll never see againI think we are easily distracted because standing up for your dream can be a solitary mission that pushes our paycheck mentality beyond our comfort zone. At one point in time, I chose to live in Santa Fe because I was an artist and it was a better place to raise kids than large coastal cities. That adjusted, to yet a smaller quieter place where it was for kids to focus on their education and launch into the world. I felt a duty to somehow balance my dreams and responsibilities. The joy factor was sometimes a luxury. I let the happiness key drift to the bottom of my pocket, satisfied with random success. Neglecting my ability to selectively pay attention and press on.

We all have to survive, no matter what, but how is it a chosen few bask in the warmth of quality lifestyles, while the others sport the sun burn of chronic strife. If this is your lot, it is never too late to renegotiate your internal agreement. It is possible choose to believe and behave differently, with heart. You can look for friends with similar goals and are supportive. Everyone wants to help their friends; a parallel support group will probably have better resources. You can upgrade your attitude. You can emit positive light hearted energy. I have learned it works, if you do!

In the end all places are basically the same, except for idiosyncratic details. Your passport is inside you, it is the happy mind, hopeful heart and brave behaviors that embrace your gift. You are one of a kind, carrying your own valuable personal currency. The exchange rate is above and beyond monetary markets. Once you are ready to receive your eternal reward, some people, places and things may drift away, toward their own delight. Do not be sad, the world has rules and without rules there is no game!

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