Brain Warrior Tip #1, dominates circumstances

EHT.26BRAIN WARRIOR#1, dominates circumstances

I agree with James Allen, who writes in As A Man Thinketh, that the Law of Thinking dominates circumstances.  (This book comes as a bonus with a membership)  Allen’s short, but to the brain warrior point, that despite daily evidence that our world is hardwired for negativity and injustice, the armory of careless thought or little-to-no thought forges the weapons by which we destroy ourselves.  It is in your best interest to train your brain toward positive goals that result in what you want.

As gyms go, the mind gym is not all that crowded.  The call of looking better and don’t forget meeting people interested in how their body looks, can quickly push the brain off the prime time floor. Excitement rules when it comes to immediate action.  You have to be a committed brain warrior to walk past the many entertaining distractions that are in your face. A good example of a powerful but neglected brain warrior tool would be goals.

Goals are easily set aside.  How long did your New Year’s resolutions last?  Do you have a written one year, five year and 10 year plan?  Do you have a goal workout partner?  Goals can be boring compared to motivating circumstances.  So you choose excitement and you get it.  Scary sells and circumstances can be pretty scary.  Surprises can be scary.  You probably have not forgotten the last time you were chased through the swamp by a critic on horseback.

This does not have to be the case.  Brain warriors can plan ahead for more chosen excitement.  You might enjoy more offense and less defense.  You might like walking softly with a big stick.  You might appreciate the respect that comes from being a person who is known for their self-control.  That’s right walking heavy because your brain has clout.

Goals work, if you do!  Biceps may bulge, but in the end brains tend to earn more money and have more options in life.  Brain warriors being among the gym elite, keep their alertness, focus, memory, recall and energy longer than the brain neglected.  Brain warriors working out at goalsontrack membership, can even invite trusted accountability partners to cheer them on, like me.  See you at the gym!  For more Brain Warrior information go to

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